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Venezuelan Slang:
Birra- beer
Palo- alchoholic drink
Curdo/a- drunk
Papear- et
Rumba- to party
Chevere- awesome or cool
Chivo- someone of important status

Venezuela is a Federal Republic, they have a government similar to the USA, except their president made all the countries decisions.

Current Events

A font for typing in Hugo Chavez's writing has been created.
A Venezuelan opposition leader got thrown in jail.

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Hugo Chavez died in 2013
Nicolás Maduro Moros became president after he died,

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This is what Nicolás Maduro Moros looks like.

Music and Culture

The houses and churches of Venezuela also stand as proofs of the rich heritage of the country. Venezuela art, and theater of Venezuela also form parts of Venezuela Culture. Spanish is spoken by most, but native languages are spoken in some parts of the country.
Music of Venezuela came after the country won its independence from the Spaniards. Gaita is one of the important traditional music of the country which is mainly performed during the festival seasons. venezuela dance thiongy.png

Before the Spaniards came, as many as 26 indigenous groups lived in Venezuela. Colombians are sneaking over the border illegally. Immigrants have come from Europe, and even some from Africa.

Demographics: Venezuela has 30 million people46% of them are Caucasian2%52% are mixed.