UruguayBy: Riley Pennington and Jake Hartzell and Lexi Geolat

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  • Southeast coast of South America

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Major cities:

  • Montevideo - capitol
  • Mercedes
  • Durazno
  • Salto


  • Population: 3.3 million
  • Borders:
    • West by Argentina
    • North and northeast by Brazil
    • Southeast by Atlantic Ocean
  • Geography:
    • Rolling plains
    • Plateaus
    • Ranges of low hills
    • Río Negro - crosses entire country from northeast to west
  • Estuary, Río de La Plata, opens into the Atlantic, and Montevideo is situated on its banks
  • Religions:
    • Mainly Roman Catholic
    • Some non-Catholic, nondenominational, and Atheist or agnostic
  • Political System:
    • Constitutional Republic
(Officials are elected by the people. They govern following the rules of the set constitution.)
  • Languages:
    • Spanish (99% of people's first language)
    • Portuguese
    • Portunol (blends Spanish and Portuguese)
    • Italian
    • German

History of Immigrants

  • Mainly unsettled in early colonial history
  • Acted as a neutral area between the Portuguese in Brazil and the Spanish in Argentina
  • In 1726, Buenos Aires governor established a settlement in Montevideo
  • In 1810, gaucho José Gervasio Artigas layed siege to the forces holding Montevideo
  • A government is eventually created after Uruguay breaks Argentina and Brazil's rule over it
  • Created a Constitutional Republic

Current Events

  • Every year, Uruguay is a major destination for cruises, but according to some of the big cruise line companies, the cruises that are usually all filled up for the holiday season, are not filled up. And that goes for a lot of the cruise liners. One of the big reasons is because airfare went up a significant amount in Buenos Aries and other Brazilian airports, which is where a lot of the tourists fly into when they come to visit.

  • The country of Uruguay is preparing for the countries national election to vote for President of October 26.
  • UN accepts the extension of Uruguay continental shelf to 350 miles, first in South America(EXPLAIN)

The Broad Front and Vazquez managed to contain erosion and actually recovered a point
The Broad Front and Vazquez managed to contain erosion and actually recovered a point

Slang Words

If you are talking to a Uruguayan, these are a few words that you would most likely hear from them! They also come up with different pronunciations for other certain words.
  • Ta! (Ready, Stop, Done)

  • Dale! (C'mon, Okay let's do that)

  • No jodos! (You don't say)

  • Pasta, means pasta, but some people in Uruguay say Pahta

  • Pollo, means chicken, but is pronounced "po-sho" in some parts of Uruguay

  • Relindo, means very pretty, but this is only used in Uruguay. The prefix re- is used instead of the word muy. It is very informal.

  • ¿Cómo Andas? (How's it going) Not just used in Uruguay but very common.

Music and Culture

  • Tango
    • This form of music and dance is claimed to be originally used in Uruguay
(Buenos Aires and Montevideo)
  • Carnival
    • huge celebration
    • considered the longest celebration in the world
    • it started by African slaves dressing up in colorful robes and marching down the streets
    • they were allowed to sing and dance