Hola estudiantes! This is our site for creating a wiki about the Spanish-speaking countries around the world. You and 2-3 other estudiantes will create a wiki for your country and will present it to your class.

1. Teacher will draw names to assign countries.
2. Sign in and become a member of the countriespan wiki page. (You are not creating your own're joining mine)
3. Start sending messages through the wiki page to your group members about your ideas and what you would like to be working on.
4. Print off/Copy paste the Requirements for an A so that you know what you should be including in the presentation.
4. By Monday (9-9-13): You should be starting to create your wiki page with other group members.
5. Complete your wiki page by Thursday (9-12-13) and be ready to present it on Thurs/Fri.
6. Present your wiki page to your class--five minute explanation of page and highlights to it (starting Thurs/Friday, Sept. 13/14th).
7. Take a quiz on the locations of the countries and information about each country--such as the history of immigrants and people living there, music and religion and what type of government the country has.....Quiz taken on Monday/Tuesday, Sept. 16th/17th.

By the end of this project you should be able to:
Standard 2: Gain Knowlege and Understanding of other Cultures.
1. Locate successfully the Spanish-speaking countries around the world.
2. Show understanding about each regional area (Middle America, Caribbean, South America, Spain, Philippines) of the Spanish-speaking countries and the culture.

Wiki page requirements:
1. Country title
2. Map of country with important cities (this would mean the capital included).
3. Map of country and where it is in the world. (Which continent).
4. Minimum of 6 Pictures (this could mean of cities, of the country, of the people, of their flag, etc.)

5. Demographics--Population, Geography, Religions, Political System (Democracy, Dictatorship, etc.), Languages.

6. History of Immigrants (who was there before Spaniards came (native people), and who came after)
7. 2 Current Events (News, etc.--You could do a video or any other link to show this)
8. 7-10 slang words or sayings in Spanish that are particular to your country. (See me if this is difficult to find)
9. Highlights on Music or the culture (could list some famous festivals that they celebrate here, and dances particular to the country/region etc.)
*IMPORTANT 10. Cite references at end of page.

11. Make sure you summarize, not COPY/PASTE word-for-word!

You will be graded on:
1. Your fulfillment of the requirements, read the directions!
2. Presentation
3. Look of the wiki (easy to read, well-planned out)
4. Your ability to work with your group to get this assignment finished.

IMPORTANT: When you are creating your page and posting pictures to save, you will need to name the file your country name plus a description. You cannot just name it "map", because it could end up on someone else's page!!!!!