Pictured below is the Capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan.
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Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island that is part of the U.S, but the Caribbean islands are grouped together with the mainland of North America.worldmapofpuertorico.gif

Population-Approximately 3.5 million
Geography- The island of Puerto Rico is a very popular tourist destination. It has a warm atmosphere, which tourists enjoy. Puerto Rico is almost rectangular in shape. It is approximately 100 miles long by 35 miles wide. Puerto Rico is the smallest and the most eastern island of the Greater Antilles.Religions- There are a lot of religions on the island of Puerto Rico, but the two main religions are the Catholic faith(85%) and the Protestant faith (8%). Another belief or religion of the Puerto Rican people is the practice of spiritualism. Mosques are also found here.
Political System- The politics of Puerto Rico take place under a Republican democratic form of government. It is separated into the same three branches as we have in the U.S, executive, judicial, and legislative.The head of the government Is also the governor, and the members of the legislature are elected every four yearsby popular vote. Since the 1898 invasion of Puerto Rico by the American people during the Spanish-American War, the politics have been significantly shaped by its statuses territory of the U.S.

History of Immigration
  • Taino Indians
  • They were inhabitants of Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.
  • Puerto Rico is divided into chiefdoms, which are forms of organization based on ruling.
  • During the Spanish conquest the largest Taino Population was about 3,000 people per chiefdom.

Current Events
Debt in Puerto Rico
  • Island's power, water and transportation authorities owe a combined 19.4 billion dollars.
  • The commonwealth has about 73 billion in total debt.
  • Oil-burning power plants are 9 billion in debt.
  • Bond holders and bond insurers and lenders are on a combined 671 billion dollars in bank.

Puerto Rico HIV
Largest university in San Juan is partnering with federal agencies to help the US to find a vaccine for the HIV virus that causes AIDS.
Slang Words
¡A galletazo limpio! - to beat up badly with your bare hands.
Babosada - useless, stupid, or nonsense
Blin Blin - Bling or jewelry
Bruto - Dumb, idiot
La jara - A police vehicle.
Candela - Fire or flame
¿Oíte? - Did you hear?

Highlights on Music or the Culture
-Some of the instruments used in traditional Puerto Rican music came from the Taíno people.-The musical traditions of the Spanish and Africans can also be heard in Puerto Rico's music.-3 bioluminescent bays (rare in the entire world)
-Camuy Cavern. The 3rd largest cave system formed by water in the world.
-Turtle watching and whale watching
-El Yunque rainforest. It's one of the first national parks created in the world and the only rainforest in the U.S. park system.
-Ziplining. A popular tourist attraction. Toro Verde Zipline has the 2nd double longest zipline in the world between 2 mountains.
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