Las Filipinas

By: Mitchell Marien, Peter Hernandez, Sam Henning

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Slang words:
Tigas- a stubborn person or a bully
Heller- hello
Pogi- handsome or good looking
Golets- let's go
Wiz- no/none
Solb- problem solved
Parak- police

Population: Around 100 million people and is the 12th most populated country in the world.
Geography: 300.000 square kilometers and is the 64th largest country in the world.
Religion: Catholic
Political System:a constitutional republic, its republic, has a presidential system.
Languages: english, filipino, tagalog.

History of immigrants:
After World War II the White Australia Policy started. The White Australia Policy ended in 1973, so during the 1970s the population went from 476 people in 1971 to 3,455 people in 1981.
73% of Philippines-born people in Victoria speak filipino or tagalog at home, whlie 21% speak english.

Current events:


This is the most favorite and most famous festivals in the Philippines. its call the dinagyang festival
and its the most famous because of it's excellence in folk choreograp. It's celebrated every fourth week of January.

the second one is the sinulog