La República DominacanaBy: Elsa Wallerich, Eva Heitman, Chabela Johnson

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Important Cities:Santo Domingo- Capital and largest population
Santiago- 2nd largest population
La Romana-3rd largest population

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World Map
Continent: North AmericaDominican Republic World Map.jpg

Population: over 8.5 million

Geography: Covers the eastern 2/3 of the island Hispaniola (shares with Haiti), 2nd largest island in Caribbean after Cuba, Atlantic Ocean to the North and Caribbean Sea to the South, Pico Duarte is the largest mountain point.

Religions: Roman Catholic

Political System: based on democratic principles, every 4 years the country elects president, vice president, and legislatures

Languages: Mostly Spanish, There is some English, French, German, and Italian spoke in tourist areas.
History of Immigrants

Before Christopher Columbus came to Dominican Republic , the Taino (Arawakan people) claimed the land for the Spanish crown, naming it La Isla Espanola ("The Spanish Island"), later to be named Hispaniola.

Because of Christopher Columbus hundreds of thousands of Taino's were forced into slavery in 1492. As a consequence of oppression, forced labor, hunger, disease, and mass killings, by 1535, only 60,000 were still alive. The only reason their population increased was in 1501, Spanish monarchs Ferdinand I and Isabella, granted permission to import African slaves which began arriving in 1503.2 Current Events:

Santo Domigno is aiming to become an ideal health destination to meet the growing international demand in that tourism sector.
The number for wanted fugitives have gone increasingly. Recorded 15 wanted people in 72 hours. Highest number of convicts wanted in Dominican Republic history.Slang Terms
Agolpear - stupid, senseless person
Alelao - slow as a snail
Anugarse - choke on food
Bacano - cool man
Botao - dumped (by GF/BF), fired (from job)
Canillas - skinny legs
Chopo - guy with low taste
Chulo - pimp
Chulearse - to kiss and cuddle
Pana - best friend


La Vega Carnival celebrates the island’s African history. Held from January to March.

Famous dance is Merengue. Originated from Slaves who worked in sugar beet fields. It follows in a 2/4 dance beat.

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