By: Riley Huppert, Olivia Matzke and Ricardo Morales


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Honduras Flag
Honduras Flag

  • Population: 7.5 million
  • Geography: Honduras has two coasts (Pacific and Caribbean), and is a mountainous region. The tallest mountain (Cerro Las Minas) is 1.78 miles tall.
  • Religion: Honduras has a constitution that provides freedom of religion. Most are Catholic because when the Spaniards colonized Honduras, they were Roman Catholics.
  • Honduras major religion graph
    Honduras major religion graph
  • Political System: Honduras is a Constitutional Republic, in which leaders are elected by the people.
  • Languages: The main languages in Honduras are Spanish, Gairfuna (descendants from West Africa), Arabic and English.
History of Immigrants

  • The first Hondurans, an estimated 300,000 in number, lived as far back as 9,000 B.C.
  • The western part of Honduras before Europeans came was dominated by a empire called the Maya. The Mayans were great architects, astronomers, mathematicians, and artists. One of their main accomplishments is the ancient city of Copán, made out of stone.honduras-copan.JPG
  • Christoper Colombus arrived in Honduras in 1502, and a few decades later, conquistadors sailed to Honduras taking and claiming land.

Current Events
  • An ex government official who was suspected of stealing as much as $330 million dollars from Honduras's social security program, was arrested on Tuesday.
  • Many people from Honduras have immigrated into the U.S. This is in part because of Honduras's high murder rate (highest in the world).

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  1. Catcracho: Hondurans (Made by Nicaraguans)
  2. Yo ando a pincel: I don't have a car, I'm walking
  3. sos torcicdo: You have bad luck
  4. Bolulo: Bread roll
  5. calamucano: Drunk
  6. ando con filo: I'm hungry
  7. Birra: Beer

  1. A few days before New Years Eve, the children and teenagers in the cities will craft an "Año Viejo." This is a life sized mannequin filled with explosives. It's sometimes made to look like infamous people. Then on New Year's Eve, all the explosives are set off. This is a symbolic "burning" of all the bad events that happened throughout the year.
  2. La Ceiba is the largest carnival held in Honduras. It is held the week before the third Saturday in May. About a quarter of people in Honduras (and) other parts of Central America flock to La Ceiba.