Guatemala flag

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Slang in Guatemala
  • Dejar en el arranque- being let down
  • Bolo- man who has drank to much alcohol
  • Guapo/mango- handsome
  • Amishar- shy or embarrased
  • Boca/ boquitas- snacks or appetizers
  • Cuaches- twins
  • Macho- unintelligent person, or a fool


  • Idiophones- instruments that produce sound by vibrating themselves
  • Chinchines- similar to maracas
  • Sonajas- similar to rattles
  • The marimba is the most popular Guatemalan instrument

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external image 1131675_24725_large.jpgGuatemala capital

Guatemala's capital is Guatemala city

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La Merced Church in Antigua
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Volcanoes Fuego, Agua, and Acatenango
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Church El Progresso
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City of Antigua with an inactive volcano in the back
Mayan spirituality
Mayan temple in Tikal Guatemala

catholic church
chatholic church in Antigua guatemala.jpg
catholic church in Antigua Guatemala

  • Population: 14,342,000
  • Languages: Official language is Spanish
  • Other languages: Achi, Mam, Maya, Uspanteko
  • Geography: 3 regions-Highlands, and Pacific Coast and Petén
  • Sierra Madre on the Western Highlands
  • 37 volcanoes total
  • Some are Tajumulco, Pacaya, Santiaguito, Fuego, and Tocaná
  • Climate: Hot and humid in the Pacific
  • Temperate in the Highlands
  • Freezing cold at the high of cuchumatanes range
  • Hot/ drier in the easternmost front
Indigenous peoples:
  • 60% of Guatemala's people are immigrants
  • Some include:
  • Akataco
  • Mopan
  • Sipakapense
  • Sakapulteco
  • Garífuna
  • They are 2.8 times poorer
  • 13 years less life expectancy
  • 5% of University people are immigrants people
Current Events: