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Geography- Spain is a country located in southwestern Europe. Spain is bordered to the south and the east almost entirely by the mediteranean sea; to the north by France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay; and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and Portugal.

The demographics of Spain- The population of of Spain in 2014 is 46.96 million.. Spain holds 0.67% of the worlds population. Spain has the 13th largest economy in the world. The government system consists of a Democracy under a constitutional Monarchy, which means that the people of Spain can still participate in voting but, the decisions are made by a king and queen.The majority of Spain is Roman Catholic but, there are many protestants and Muslims, mostly because they are very close to Muslim boarders. The languages in Spain are very diverse, even though Spanish is the main language in this country, Spaniards may also know the language of English and French. Spaniards have their own kind of Spanish called Catalan Spanish and in their Spanish they have song excents with the letter S.

Current events-
8 Sep 2014: Property prices up by 0.8% in second quarter of year compared with same period in 2013, according to official figures

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History of Immigrants- As of 2010, there were over 6 million foreign-born residents living in Spain, making up 14% of the population.

Mountains- Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe behind Switzerland.
In the north, the Pyrenees mountains form a natural border with France, with several peaks rising over 3.000 meters. To the west of the Pyrenees along the north coast the
Cordillera Cantábrica is home to some of Spain's most endangered wildlife.
pyrenees mountains

Music -Spain has a very diverse list of all kinds of music, It is said that Spain is the melting pot of musical instruments.There was a time in Spain's history, after their civil war
Francisco Franco banned all music and art and literature, a result of this was a verity of folk music which spun off in to the music they have today, including most of all the same types of music we have , like rock n roll, pop and punk/grunge which are Spain's three most popular types of music. You could also hear bagpipes walking around in Spain.

Dance- The flamenco dance, a traditional dance of Spain where they play the guitar and the woman is wearing a long usually red dress with many ruffles on the bottom.
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- Some popular people include; Antonio Banderas, Elsa Pataky, Javier Botet, and Amaia Salamanca.
- Football is the most popular sport.
- The cinema in Spain is known as "Spanish cinema".
- 79% of Spaniards are Roman Catholic, 2% is another religion, and 19% are non-religious.
- Some holidays include; Semana Santa, Easter, San Fermin, and Running of the Bulls.

Slang words-Boli- penHincha- fan of a specific soccer teamMala pata- bad luckMovida- a party
¡Olé!- Yippee!Vale- used in the same way we use.

Tía buena- beautiful woman, a "knockout"

Events- Barcelona signs Luis Suarez to their soccer team.

France upsets Spain 65-52 in world cup.

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