El SalvadorBy: Grace, Amanda, & Jared

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Central America (Between North America and South America)
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Capital: San Salvador

Important Cities: Santa Ana, San Miguel, ect.

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Population - Approximately 6 million (6.297)

Geography - Borders the Pacific Ocean on the south, Guatemala to the west, and Honduras to the north and east. The eastern region is on the coast of the Gulf of Fonseca.
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Religions - Catholicism is the main religion (57.1%)
Protestant groups (21.2%)
Individual groups (less than 5%) of the population - Includes Jehovah's Witnesses (1.9%) and Latter-day Saints (0.7%)
(16.8%) claim no religion
Political System - Unitary Presidential Constitution Republic
Languages - Spanish is the official language

History of Immigrants: The country had a civil war which began around the 1900's. Because of this, many people moved away. In 1525, the Spanish also colonized the area that includes modern day, ElSalvador.
Slang Words / Sayings in Spanish:Baboso (a) - stupidBajar - betrayBayunco - immatureBolo - drunkCasaka - a lieChunche - thingGuaza - pure luck
Pisto - money

Music & Culture: Folk dance of El Salvador. A traditional dress is worn. The European influence in emphasized in architecture of churches, museums, and theaters in El Salvador.

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Current Events:
Aug. 26, 2014Government says they plan on protecting migrants that cross the border on train.
Jul. 26, 2014:The El Salvadorian president says combination of US policies is seriously harming the country.

Jul. 18, 2014:Agencies in South Texas say they are getting an overwhelming amount of nondocumented minors entering the US alone.