By: Chelsea H., Dylan M., and Lia S.

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Cities of CubaCapital: Havana

LocationContinent: Cuba is an island that isn't really connected to any continent, but it is considered to be part of the North America continent/region.

DemographicsPopulation:Approximately 11 millionReligion: Most popular and traditional religion is catholic. Other well known religions are protestant, Afro-African, Jewish, and Santeria. Santeria is the most recently developed religion, which includes a mixture of catholic and African religions.Political: Cuba is a communist state.Geography: Cuba is an island located in the Caribbean Sea, which it happens to be the largest island in the Caribbean. The total area is 42,803 sq mi. The terrain is mainly plains, with rugged hills. There are beaches, bays, coral reefs, swamps, cliffs, and plains. It has four mountain ranges the Sierra Maestra, Sierra Cristal, Escamnray Mountains, and Sierra del Rosario.Language: Spanish is the commonly spoken language.

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Vinales Valley and Mogotes of the Cordillera de Guaniguanico
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History: Cuba was one of two colonies in the new world for Spain and it was governed by Madrid, which had been occupied by the Spaniards since 1511. The first occupants were the semi-nomadic ciboney. By 1840, there was an island of approximately 430,000 people. The ten year war began when the Cubans were unable to overthrow Spanish power in the island, but nevertheless the old colony based on slavery and aristocracy passed away after the strife had ended with a "no-victors" peace in 1878.

Festivals: The most popular festival is the carnival at Santiago de Cuba, held annually from july 18 to 27 (week long). This festival celebrates traditions dating back hundred of years, it started out as a religious event, which then became a celebration day for saint Santiago's slaves.
Holidays: The largest celebrated holiday is Revolution day, which celebrates Fidel Castro's victorious raid in Santiago. Another holiday is independence day on May 20, which celebrates Cuba's independence from Spain.
Music: Cuba has a few famous celebrity singers, but the most well known would have to be Gloria Estefan. Gloria was born in Havanna, Cuba and escaped to the U.S with her family where she then became famous for her singing. The three most popular genres of music are rumba, son, and danzon.

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(Fidel Castro)

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Current EventsIn July of 2014 Vladmir Putin met Cuba's ruling Castro brothers so that they have a stronger trade and diplomatic ties.
In July of 2014 Russia struck a deal with Cuba to reopen the cold war listening post.In February of 2013 the current president of Cuba Fidel Castro announces he will be leaving office in the year 2018
Slang:Moni : money
Espejuelos: glasses
Papi : dad
Jama: food
Cuarto: a room (in a hotel)Dale: it's okFrigi: rerigerator