By: Ariana, James, and Nate

The Map of Costa Rica:
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Location: Costa Rica is located on the southern side of Central America.

costa rica flag- Costa Rica
costa rica flag- Costa Rica

-Religion: The national religion of Costa Rica is Catholicism according to their constitution. However, 76% of the population is Roman Catholic.
Churches in Costa Rica
Churches in Costa Rica

-Geography: Costa Rica border both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Sea. It's terrain is coastal plains separated by rugged mountains.
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-Government: Costa Rica's government is very similar to the United States'. They have three branches of power, executive, legislative, and judicial. Their constitution established this concept.
-Christopher Columbus discovered Costa Rica on September 18, 1502.
-He found Carib Indians
-Archaeologists know that civilization occurred thousands of years before Columbus discovered it
Christopher Columbus.PNG
Christopher Columbus.PNG

Current Events
- Costa Rica is becoming a fast food nation, they have become
extremely competitive in the last two years.
-On September 3rd, 2014 Costa Rica, published an announcment related to the fees charged by various services related to travel, immigration and citizenship.

- Pura vida: a way of life symbolizing Costa Rica's idea of letting things go and enjoying life.
- Tico/tica: what Costa Rican men and women are called.
- Chunche: thingamajig
- Soque: hurry up!
- Que m'iche?: what's up?
- Pulperia: a small corner store
- Por dicha: thank goodness

- American and British rock and roll and pop are very popular among youth.
- Mexican music is very popular among the older people.
- Folk music is also popular
- They enjoy playing accordion, guitar, and marimba.