ColumbiaBy: Arik, Laura and Rachel

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Colombia is located in northern South America, just below Panama

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The Capital is Bogotá. Major cities include Medellín, Barranquilla, and Bucaramanga.


Population: 46.2 million people live in in Colombia
  • 58% are Mestizo
  • 20% are White
  • 22% are Other/Mixed
Religion: The major of religion of Colombia is Roman Catholic.


Language: The official language is Spanish.
Political system: Republic. In Colombia they have a president, senate, and house of representatives. Their political system is very similar to the United States.


The area of Colombia is ~700,000 square miles, which is slightly less than twice the size of Texas
Colombia contains several volcanoes, the most active one named Galeras. Others include:
  • Nevado del Ruiz
  • Colombian volcanoes.gifNevado del Huila
  • Nevado del Tolima
  • Cumbal
  • Dona Juana
  • Puracé
Colombia is the only South American country that has coasts on the Carribean and on the North Pacific Ocean.
It is also one of the countries the equator goes through.

History Of Immigrants

  • There were Muisca Indians in Colombia, they were farmers and goldsmiths, and they lived in the highlands by Bogota.
  • There were also the Quimbaya, Sinu, Tayrona and Calima tribes.
  • The Tayronas lived in the Carribbean region of Colombia.
  • Hunter-gatherers were where present day Bogota is.


  • They use -ico and -ica instead of the normal -ito and -ita
  • Brutal: means cool or awesome
  • Ligar: means to bribe
  • Teso: an expert
  • Tombo: policeman
  • Porfa: please
  • Caliente: dangerous

Music and Culture

  • The music styles depend on the region of Colombia
  • At the Atlantic coast , the Pacific coast , the Andean region, and the Eastern Plains, there is Caribbean style music such as cumbia.
  • Music of the Eastern Plains usually has a harp or maracas in it.
  • "La Salsa" is a very popular type of music.

Current Events