ChileBy: Grant Gilman chile map.jpg chile map 2.gifGeography-
  • Chile is a long stretch of land which contains a desert to the north and stretches south were there are forests, volcanoes, and lakes and then reaching Cape Horn. To the west of Chile lies the Pacific Ocean and to the east is the Andes Mountains.
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  • 17.46 million people live in Chile.
  • Life expectancy is around 79 years old.

  • The majority of Chile is Christian. Around 61% of the people of Chile belong to a catholic church, the remaining belong to either Protestant or are Agnostic.

Political System-
  • Chile has a poltical system similar to ours. They have a democracy divided into Executive Legislative, and Judicial branches. The executive branch is headed by their president. The legislative branch has two houses, and their judicial branch has a supreme court.

  • In Chile about 14 million of the 16 million speak spanish, despite this there are 9 living languages including the native languages and german. There are also 7 extinct languages.
  • Some of the native languages are Rapa Nui, Mapudungun, and Quechua.

History of Immigrants-
  • Mapuche is group of people that lived in south-central Chile and south-western Argentina.
  • Later their influence spread eastward to the Argentine pampa.
  • Today the collective group makes up 80% of the indegenous people of Chile and 9% of the total Chilean population.

Current Events-
  • Subway Bombing In Chile
  • Chile Soccer Team

  • Amermelada - Stupid person
  • Bakan - Ultra cool
  • Cachai - do you understand
  • Capo - cool
  • Chueco - troublemaker
  • Lolo - teenager
  • Pega - job

  • Fiestas Patrias is a weeklong celebration for their independence. It starts on the 18th and includes armed Forces Day on the 19th were soldiers and important politicians gather in the main plaza and celebrate the Chile‚Äôs military.