By: Brandon H, Nate J, Grayce A

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Map of Bolivia- Capital is La Paz, big cities- Santa Cruz
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Bolivia is located in South America. It is a landlocked country surrounded by the countries of Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Peru.

Languages- Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, and 35 other native languagesGovernment- Presidential Constitutional RepublicPresident- Evo MoralesVice President- Alvaro Garcia LineraBolivia has a Senate and Chamber of DeputiesPopulation- Around 10,550,000Religion- Bolivia has Freedom of Religion, in the 2008 census 78% of the population followed Roman Catholic, and 19% ProtestantismHistory of ImmigrantsBolivia became independent on August 6th, 1825 B.C. The Aymara moved to western Bolivia and southern Peru. Between 1428-1527 A.D. the Inca Empire started moving into Bolivia, however they couldn't keep control of it and became weak.

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Slang Words1. Chocho-happy2. la cheva-beer3. chapui-hungover4. el cojudo-moron5. uta-wow6. el trago-alcoholic drink7.estabo ido-totally drunk8. la ñata/el ñato-girlfriend/boyfriend9. el chango-dude10. la macana- a problem

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Music is based on traditional Andean music, one big traditional dance is Tonada Chaqueña. They use a variety amount of instruments to play their music. These instruments contain drums, flutes, a series of many pipes called zampoñas, guitars, and the charango, a tiny 10 sting guitar made from an armadillo shell.

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external image charango_andes.jpg Dance Charango zampoñas