By: Katrina, Dora Renelt, and Colin Troeger

belice map.jpg The capital of Belice is Belmopan . Other cities in Belice are San Antonio, San Ignacio, Punta Gorda, and Dangriga .

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belice world map.gifBelice is located in Central America .

belice flagg.jpgBelice Flag

belice mayan thing.JPGMayan Ruins .. in Belice
download.jpgPeople of Belice
images.jpgFlower of Belice

Population- aprox. 310,000
Geography- mainly flat, swampy coastal plain, many jungles, hot, humid and rainy
Religion- Roman Catholic 40%, Pentecostalism 8.5%
Political System- monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II
Languages- English is the official language, everyone speaks spanish though

Immigrant HistoryThe Mayans were originally living in Belice. By the 1600s disease took over and the Mayan population that was left fell and was left to Spanish missionaries who built churches in the country to convert them. After the Treat of Versailles in 1783 the British began to settle Belice and were bringing slaves into the
Current Events in BeliceAn ancient Mayan pyramid in Belice, which has been there 2,300 years, was recently destroyed for road "Ancient Mayan pyramid...."
Recently there was a grenade found in an abandoned building just a block away from where a 16 year old was killed by a recent grenade attack. In 2008 at the September Celebrations there was a grenade attack where somebody hurled a grenade into a crowd of people. The grenade didn't go off and was successfully disarmed. The grenade in the abandoned building was disarmed and is in the hands of the police. The origin of the grenade is
Culture and Music HighlightsBelice gets its name from its Mayan roots. The music they listen to reflects their ethnic group. They listen to music from the Caribbean, United States and "punta rock."

Slang Words1. Fu Chroo? -Really?2. Ah tayad - I'm tired.3. Weh yuh naym? - What's your name?4. Weh di gaan an? - What's up?5. Da weh time? - What time is it?6. Mi naym da... - My name is...7. Cho! - What on Earth!
Sources "Ancient Mayan pyramid...."