By: Kylee F., Kaylee, and Taylor D
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Argentina is located in South Americaargentina_world map.gif

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Flag of Argentina

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Population: 41 million
Religion: Catholic
Life Expectancy: Average of 77 yearsFemale: 80Male: 73
Geography: The Andes Mountains border the western border of Argentina. The northern half is made up of flats, and the southern half is flat to rolling plateaus.

Political System: Republic

Languages: Italian, English, French, and German

ImmigrationArgentina is considered a country of immigrants. It is second only the the US in the number of immigrants. Between 83%-86% of Argentinians are decedents of settlers from Europe. The majority of the European immigrants came from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, and many other regions. In 2010 only 4.5% of Argentina's populations was born outside of the country.
Slang Terms1. Hacer gancho: to play matchmaker.2. Mala leche: bad luck3. Me pica el bagre: Im hungry4. La noche esta en panales: the night is young
5. Baja un combio: Chill Out! Relax!
6. Medio pelo: mediocre7. Posta: truth
8. Che: hey

The Cosquin Folk Festival: the most important festivals in Argentina. It attracts tourism, it takes place over nine nights where people can come watch and enjoy music from multiple artists.
Ultra Buenes Aires: they perform electric music and its held for two weekends, mostly travellers come and watch. It also features world class DJs.
Lollapalooza: It began in Chicago in 1991. It continues to grow every year. Includes indie bands, hip-hop artists and DJs. Also, it features over 50 acts on 5 stages!

Meals: The evening meal is lighter than the lunchtime meal.Dinner is served later in the evening, even after 9 p.m.

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